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All Services and Fees of Driving License In Ranchi Jharkhand

All Services and Fees of Driving License In Ranchi Jharkhand रांची झारखण्ड में ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस के लिए लगने वाले सरे ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस के प्रकार और उनके फीस निचे बताई गयी है ।

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SLTypes Of ServicesFeesForm No.
1Temporary Registration Of Vehicles Two Wheeler250C.TEMP
2Learning License130/2601,2
3Permanent License500/8004
4Renewal of License2501,9
5International Permit of Driving License5004A,1A
6Endorsement in Driving License5008
7Driving Licence convert into Smart Card350L.L.D.
9LL Test Fee25
10Issue of Duplicate DL350
11Change of Addrress Within Region(DL)50
12Issue Of DL To IDP/Defence Personal406
13Endorsement To Drive Vehicle CARRG.,HAZARDOUS MATERIAL & GOODS10
14Issue of Drivers Badge50
15Issue of Duplicate Driver’s Badge40
16Driving Licence Test300
17Issue of NOC/CC10
19Endorement To Drive Vehicles in Hill Region10
20Issue of IDP500
21change of Name in PDL10
22Replacement of Photo in PDL60
23Badge Test Fee10
24Transport Authorization50
25Replacement of DL
26Issue of DL FOR defence100
27Issue of Driving School Certificate2500
28Renewal of DS2500
29Duplicate DS1000
30COA DS1000
31Issue of Conductor License With Badge55
32Renewal of Conductor License20
33Issue of Duplicate Conductor License10
34Issue of Duplicate Conductor Badge20
35Service Fee20
36Form Seven Fee200
37Temporary Registration Of Vehicles L.M.V400
38Temporary Registration Of Vehicles L.M.V Commercial300+TaxC.TEMP
39Temporary Registration Of Vehicles M.M.V Commercial420+TaxC.TEMP
40Temporary Registration Of Vehicles H.M.V Commercial520+TaxC.TEMP
41Renewal of R.C for Vehicles Two Wheelers6025
42Renewal of R.C for Vehicles L.M.V20025
43Renewal of R.C for Vehicles M.M.V40025
44Renewal of R.C for Vehicles H.M.V60025
45NOC of Vehicles2028
46Alteration of Vehicles50
47Cancelation Of Vehicles
48Surrender Of VehiclesFORM J
49Application of Tax Exemption/Return
50Licence Of Petrol Pump200Schedule II
51Renewal Of Licence Of Petrol Pump100
Source :- Jharkhand Trasport Department

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